Beekeeping Glossary Of Terms


Brood Box



Deeps or Deep Body Box

Drawn Comb



Honey Super

Hot Wax Dip – is a wax wood treatment applied to hive boxes. It expels moisture from the wood and replaces it with wax. This treatment extends the life of the beekeepers woodenware and is a viable alternative to painting hive boxes.

Hive Box or bee box is the main wooden box that houses the honeybees. It can be used for raising brood or is used for storing honey. The boxes come in a variety of sizes such as 10 frame, 8 frame, 5 frame and different depths such as deeps, mediums, and shallows.

Medium Boxes

Medium Super

Nectar Flow

Nucleus Colony or NUC’s

Package Of Bees

Shallow Boxes


Woodenware – name commonly used by beekeepers in reference to their beekeeping equipment that is made from wood. Such as the hive boxes, frames, lids, and covers.