Beekeeper Gears: The Best Beekeeping Suits in 2023 (Ultimate Buyer’s Guide)

Farmers have their plows, and gardeners have their pruning shears. Beekeepers, on the other hand, have their beekeeping suits.

Beekeepers need these suits for protection against bee stings—which we get a lot. But it’s especially important for newbie apiarists still learning about bee behaviors.

So, if you’re new to this trade, you might wonder which beekeeping gears are best for the job. And if that’s your case, we’ve got you covered.

Today, we’re walking you through the best beekeeping suits in 2023. Our list includes the best apiarist brands, from the most durable to the most comfortable.

We’ll also throw in some tips for choosing your first beekeeping suit. So, keep up!

Top 7 Beekeeping Suits in 2023

Professional beekeeper working outdoors and wearing the protective suits used for beekeeping

Not all beekeeping suits are equal. Some provide better protection, some present greater comfort, and others highlight material quality.

So, to make your choice more painless, we tried some of the best beekeeping suits in 2023. Below is our in-depth analysis and review of them.

1. Foxhound Bee Company Professional Suit – Best in Overall

Foxhound Bee Company’s professional beekeeping suit is a must-have equipment for beekeepers. It takes the best overall spot for striking the perfect balance of comfortability and practicality.

Foxhound Bee Company is a trusted apiarist gear brand in the U.S. Founded by a master beekeeper—the brand boasts one of the highest qualities of bee products and apiarist gear since 2012.

Feature-wise, we love their suits for various reasons. But mostly because it’s got the four most important features of a beekeeping suit (protection, ventilation, visibility, and maintenance) precisely as we want them.

The suit has three layers of fabric for the best protection against bee stings. But despite its layered construction, the ventilation technology works like a charm.

Its veil design provides additional protection and high visibility and is simple to attach and detach. The darker color of the suit also makes maintenance easier.


  • Oversized pull rings for effortless suiting
  • Light suit construction
  • Overlapping neck zipper for neck protection
  • A one-piece suit that’s easy to slide in and out
  • The veil material provides complete visibility


  • Zipper issue is common


Foxhound Bee Company sells the suit at a very competitive price. You can purchase the gear at a very reasonable price of $179 at the writing of this article.

2. B.J Sherriff Apiarist Full Suit – Best in Quality

Are you looking for a beekeeping suit to last years, even decades? Then you won’t get wrong getting a B.J. Sherriff apiarist suit.

The well-respected apiarist brand has a long-standing reputation for creating top-notch beekeeping suits for professionals and beginners. In fact, B.J. Sherriff is one of the pioneers in making detachable fencing veils, copied by many manufacturers today.

Quality-wise, B.J. Sheriff’s beekeeping suit remains unmatched. The double-stitched seams and polycotton fabric blend provide unshrinking durability and protection in one.

What we love the most about using this suit is its excellent fit. It has elastic attachments in the waist and ankles and a thumb loop in the cuffs, securing the gear even with large movements.

After using the suit, we can confidently say that the European company’s five decades of experience shine through this complete suit design. 


  • Unobstructed view with B.J. Sheriff’s ClearView technology
  • Available in customized sizes for all body types
  • Durability to last 15 years and more
  • Won’t shrink like cotton and polyester suits


  • Larger sizes cost more
  • High demand means limited availability


Price-wise, B.J. Sheriff’s suits can be expensive for first-time beekeepers. A pair of this suit costs over $220 at the company’s website.

3. Bees & Co Ultralight Beekeeper Suit – Best in Weight

Getting into the habit of wearing a beekeeping suit can be challenging for newbies. So, you might prefer a gear that’s lightweight and easy to wear at first.

If that’s your case, we recommend buying Bees and Co.’s lightweight suit.

Bees and Co is another behemoth in the beekeeping products industry. And despite their suit’s light construction, it has everything we need for safe and enjoyable bee tending.

The suit’s primary material is cotton, which makes it breathable and comfortable. The same cotton features a unique mesh pattern that further improves air circulation within the gear, regardless of weather.

The circular design of the head veil gives more than enough visibility for the surroundings. And it has enough breathing space for your hair or any headgear you might have while working.

But what we love the most about this beekeeping outfit is its precise zipper placements. Getting in and out of the clothing would be a breeze, even for beginner apiarists.


  • Ultralight at only 14.4 ounces
  • Unisex design to fit men and women
  • Secure and comfortable fit with elasticized waistbands
  • Stitched with three spacious pockets


  • Lightweight construction requires careful use
  • Do not provide the best protection


Bees and Co’s extra light suit comes at a very reasonable price. You get one for only $139 from Amazon, and it comes with a convenient two-year warranty.

4. Humble Bee Polycotton Beekeeping Suit – Best in Protection

Don’t let the “humble” in Humble Bee fool you. Despite the hint at modesty, their beekeeping suits brag some of the best protection you’ll ever get.

What makes this beekeeping suit unique is its 50% cotton and 50% polyester construction. It means you get the most robust sting protection without sacrificing movability with its weight.

But what makes it more secure than others?

Well, in using the suit, we found that the cloth was woven with a tight, interlocking pattern. And this exceptional design creates a solid barrier against our tiny aggressors.

We also discovered flaps covering the zippers of the gear, preventing persistent bees from crawling under the suit, which shows impressive attention to detail.

But those aren’t the only notable features Humble Bee added. You also get heavy-duty brass zippers, double-stitched pockets, and a canvas carrying case add-on.

So, overall, Humble Bee’s polycotton suit delivers best-in-class protection as advertised. 


  • Unisex design with size variations
  • Easy maintenance with machine-washable material
  • Reasonable pricing
  • Comfortable fit with elastic waist, wrists, and ankles


  • The suit may not be as breathable as other brands
  • The rounded veil isn’t stable


Despite its top-notch protection, Humble Bee’s pricing is indeed humble. Tapping that order button would only cost you a little over $100 at Amazon.

5. LONGADS Professional Beekeeping Gear – Best in Value

A happy female beekeeper using the bee smoker

We understand that starting your beekeeping can be costly. As such, you might prefer a beekeeping suit that delivers quality performance at an affordable price.

LONGADS Professional Beekeeping suit is our best answer. 

Mind you, we aren’t simply throwing out the cheapest suit we can find in our drawer. This mind-blowingly affordable suit is an Amazon bestseller—the reason we purchased and tried it in the first place.

And as it turns out, we got more than we paid for. Protection, comfort, and durability: All came with the package with LONGADS beekeeping gear.

The highlight feature of the gear is its premium fabric, customized for the user’s comfort and security. While not the highest quality on the market, it does a more-than-decent job of keeping bee stings from reaching your skin.

It’s also surprisingly breathable and flexible, something you can only expect at a higher price point. The fence veil is spacious, and the fit is secure with elastic bands.


  • Comes with flexible goatskin gloves
  • One-year warranty
  • Excellent customer service
  • Added protection with dual zippers installed
  • Available for kids and adults


  • No elastic ankles


Despite all its features, LONGADS managed to keep the suit’s price affordable. One unit of this gear costs less than $50—it’s a value dealer, indeed!

6. Humble Bee Aero Beekeeping Suit – Best in Ventilation

The suit’s ventilation is a deal-maker or breaker for most beekeepers. After all, the job often requires challenging work under any weather conditions.

It’s a feature you should look into if you live in areas with warmer temperatures. Trust us, moving around inside unventilated suits is nothing short of torture in this line of work.

Fortunately, most modern beekeeping suits have now taken comfortability into consideration with their designs. But out of all the brands we’ve tried, Humble Bee’s Aero Suit is our favorite in this aspect.

The construction of this suit is unique in that it puts greater emphasis on user comfort. The material uses two layers of aerated 100% synthetic mesh fabric.

In between the two layers of fabric is a lightweight foam insert. So, although it’s incredibly ventilated, it still delivers decent protection against stingers.

The best part? Humble Bee donates a portion of every purchase of its products to charity, helping local bee farmers and organizations with bee conservation initiatives.


  • Aerated design for the hottest weather
  • Self-supporting, detachable, and replaceable veil
  • Brazz zippers and double-stitched pockets
  • Designed for both men and women
  • Comes with a carrying case


  • Only comes in a summer beige color
  • More expensive than other Humble Bee suits


Comfort often comes with an added push up the cost, but we’ll go out on a limb and say it’s worth it for this one. Humble Bee’s Aero Beekeeping suit is sitting a little over the $200 price point.

7. Flow Bee Organic Cotton Beekeeping Suit – Best in Material

Are you a fan of cotton clothing? Then, you’ll surely enjoy wearing Flow Bee’s Organic Cotton Beekeeping Suit for your next harvest or inspection.

We all know and love the comfort and breathability that cotton fabrics have. However, unlike other cotton suits, Flow Bee used 100% unbleached, organic cotton for its gear.

But what does that mean? 

It means the material used for the suit didn’t go through extensive chemical processing to manufacture, which usually involves massive quantities of pesticides. 

It’s one of the softest and most comfortable textures we’ve tried in a beekeeping suit. And yet premium fabric is merely one of its best features.

Flow Bee’s suit packs highly durable YKK zippers, a detachable fencing veil, and comfy securing mechanisms. Buying one also includes a pair of ventilated goatskin gloves and a German-made J-hive tool.


  • Effortless maintenance with machine-washable fabric
  • Comes in a wide variety of sizes
  • Material is friendly to bees and the environment
  • Practical elastic thumbs and ankle stirrups
  • Supports local cotton farmers


  • Users may need additional veil support
  • Do not have the best ventilation in hot weather


We salute Flow Bee for keeping the price reasonably affordable despite its premium material. You can get one of these suits at only $130 or pay four interest-free $30 installments via Paypal.

How to Choose Your Beekeeper Suit

Farmer and Beekeeper Wearing Bee Suits Working with Honeycomb in Apiary

A good beekeeping suit is necessary for every apiarist. However, choosing one can be tricky if you don’t know what to look for.

So, here are a few tips and features from our expert beekeepers:


The suit’s material is the first thing to consider when shopping for protective gear. And the same goes for choosing a beekeeping suit, though it mostly depends on your needs.

Nylon is a popular choice for its outstanding durability and protection. However, we usually use polycotton and cotton gears for their breathability.


For superior comfort, we recommend choosing ventilated or aerated beekeeping suits, especially for beekeepers living in areas with intense heat.

Appropriate sizing is also crucial for optimal mobility and safety while working. Thus, it’s best to choose a gear made precisely for your body size or gender.


Fabric type and design is the primary factor for protection. However, the securing mechanisms of the suit also contribute to keeping those pesky stingers away.

We recommend gears with velcro and zippers for their ease and tight safety. Elastic fitting features, such as ankles and wrists, also ensure a secure fit against persistent bees.

For the best protection, invest in cowhide gloves and ankle protectors.

Final Thoughts

Although bees are in nature non-aggressive, working closely with them does come with the risk of getting stung—there’s just no way around it.

Investing in a beekeeping suit saves you from this typical beekeeper hitch. Pick one from the brands above and say goodbye to those painful stingers!

Joseph Davis

My goal is to show that anyone can take up beekeeping and it can be a very rewarding hobby. I strive to share my experiences and answer any questions you may have.