All About Carpenter Bee Hovering

If you’ve ever spent time observing carpenter bees, you’ve probably noticed their intriguing behavior of hovering around wooden structures and outdoor furniture. 

As beekeepers and aspiring beekeepers, understanding this behavior can provide valuable insights into the lives of these fascinating insects. 

So, in this post, we’ll delve into the world of carpenter bees, exploring their hovering habits, nesting sites and behaviors, and the impact they can have on wood structures.

Reasons Behind Carpenter Bee Hovering

Carpenter Bee Hovering

So, what’s the deal with carpenter bees and their hovering antics? These bees might not be as big as a bear, but they sure do have their own kind of bravery!

Adult carpenter bees are all about guarding their turf, and they’ll go the extra mile to ensure you know it. That’s why you might find one of these little creatures doing a hover dance around your head as you’re just trying to enjoy a good time with your friends and family.

But why do they do this? Why do they hover, dive-bomb, and act all puffed up when people are around? Let’s find out. 

Laying the Foundation

Firstly, you must know that it’s the female carpenter bee that takes on the role of finding a cozy place for her future babies. 

She’s like a master builder, creating tiny burrows and nest tunnels in wood to make the perfect home. And you know what? She’s super picky!

The wood she chooses has to be just right—not too soft, not too hard, not too old, and not too new. It’s like she’s on a mission to find the Goldilocks of wood for her little ones. Weathered wood is a no-no to a female carpenter bee. 

Now, when she finally finds the perfect spot, there’s a lot of work to be done. The ladies do most of the digging and designing, while the guys step up as bodyguards. 

Yep, those male carpenter bees turn into brave protectors, especially when you’re around their nest. That’s one of the big reasons why you might see them buzzing around you.

You’re Too Close to the Nest

Carpenter Bees

With the above-covered foundation in mind, picture this: 

You’re enjoying your outdoor haven, and there’s a hovering carpenter bee, seemingly checking you out. It might not be the most comfortable feeling, right? 

Well, that hovering bee isn’t just curious; it’s on a mission!

You see, those male carpenter bees might not have a painful sting like the ladies do, but they’ve got plenty of courage. They’ll swoop down from the sky and put themselves between you and their nest, like tiny superhero bodyguards.

Even though they can’t really hurt you, it can be a bit intimidating, especially if there’s more than one bee on guard duty. 

And guess what? 

If you see a male carpenter bee taking action, it’s a sure sign that the female carpenter bee has already started her home-building project. 

But don’t worry, you’re not powerless in this situation.

Keeping the Buzz at Bay

So, what can you do if these hovering carpenter bees are giving you a hard time? Well, there are some tricks up your sleeve. 

If you’ve noticed carpenter bee nests or holes, you can actually plug those holes in wood before things get too serious and turn into a carpenter bee infestation. 

It’s like giving them a “Sorry, no vacancy” sign. 

These bees like to conserve their energy, so blocking their progress can make them think twice about sticking around.

Why Are Carpenter Bees So Curious About You?

honeycomb, pollen and propolis

Why can’t these carpenter bees just resist hanging around you? Well, it’s not always about their nests. Sometimes, it’s your scent.

Yes, you heard it right!

You know how bees are all about flowers and pollen? Your fancy-smelling shampoo, perfume, and all those other scents we use can really catch their attention.

When you wear that perfume or use that scented lotion, you’re like a walking bouquet of flowers to them. They’re naturally drawn to these strong smells. It’s like you’re their own personal flower garden but in human form. 

So, if you ever spot a carpenter bee buzzing around you, it’s probably just giving your unique scent a good sniff.

Do Carpenter Bees Care About Your Fashion Sense?

Here’s another interesting tidbit: the color of your clothes matters to these curious bees.

You know how bees are super speedy when it comes to seeing colors? Well, they’re like the superheroes of the animal kingdom in that department. They see colors way faster than we do, and they’ve got their own favorites.

But there’s a catch! 

they’re not so good at distinguishing between certain colors. So, if you’re wearing red, brown, or black, they might get a little confused. 

It’s like when we see a puzzle that’s missing a piece; it’s not quite right. 

That’s why you might catch a carpenter bee checking you out, especially if you’re rocking colors that make their little bee brains go, “Wait, what’s that?”

Wrapping Up

When you come face to face with a hovering carpenter bee, it’s all about finding harmony. 

The female bees won’t bother you much, as they’re pretty chill. But those brave male bees might be a bit protective. 

So, the best thing you can do is give them some space. Step back a bit, and they’ll likely go about their business without any fuss. 

Swatting or chasing them away isn’t the best move – it could make them more agitated, and that’s when things might escalate.

If those males get really worked up, the females might join in, and trust us, you don’t want to deal with bee stings. Prevention is key, and that means taking steps to keep these curious bees from turning into pesky ones.

Instead of waiting for them to buzz around, it’s smarter to be one step ahead. Plug those carpenter bee holes before they become a full-blown problem. 

Stay safe!